[18 Sep] Swiggy Match Day Mania Hidden Object Answers |Spin the wheel

Hello friends as you know that ipl is just about to began. And because of that you all are getting so many loot deals and cashback offers in so many app. And also swiggy is back with another loot offer. where you can get free swiggy money and cashback offers. Swiggy has started this offer with name swiggy match day mania.

Swiggy match day mania has lot of offers. Here you can get upto 50% discount and also can earn free swiggy money and coupons. Swiggy has started games and spin the wheel offer. by which you can get these free benefits.

There are Total 3 games in swiggy

  1. Housezat
  2. Superover
  3. Spin the wheel

1- swiggy match day mania  Housezat [17 Sep Answer]

In this game you have to find hidden object in image. There is total 5 hidden object in image. If you are able to find all object than you can get free swiggy money.

On 18th September 2020 you have to find SWIGGY LOGO in image. Checkout below image to find all hidden object.

[18 September ] Here is the answer of swiggy Hosezat hidden object

2- swiggy match day mania superover

In swiggy match day mania superover game you have to score 24 runs in 6 ball. If you score 24 runs in 6 balls. You will get 100rs cashback coupon

3- swiggy match day mania spin the wheel

in swiggy match day mania spin the wheel you will get a wheel under this offer section. By tapping on this wheel you can spin it and you can get so many vouchers. You can spin only once.

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